1. All chest pain, Cardiac arrest or impending arrest, arrhythmia with tachycardia/bradycardia with unstable
2. All referred cases of Acute Myocardial Infarction or Unstable Angina,
3. All dyspnoea of saturation <95%, respiration of >25/min, RR<10/min
4. All patients with Airway gasping, severe maxillofacial injuries and comatose patients.
5. Severe Asthma and COAD
6. All cardiorespiratory patients.
7. Shock e.g. hypovolemic or cardiogenic patients, shock state SBP<90mmHg
8. BP of 220/120 without symptoms.
9. High BP with symptoms and impending stroke or blurring of vision.
10. Patients with BP Systolic 90 and below and HeartRate of 120 & below.
11. All cases of convulsions & fit(ongoing/prolonged/with neurological deficits)
12. D/Stix High with CNS involvement.
13. Acute abdomen/Abdominal pain and unstable patient in shock.
14. Fever with shock.
15. All unstable Ectopic pregnancy.
16. Bilateral fracture femur.
17. Unstable pelvic fracture.
18. Poly-trauma patient, exsanguinating/crush limb injuries(massive blood loss)
19. All trauma cases with chest injuries & other life-threatening conditions
20. All gunshot wound/penetrating wound in the neck, chest, and abdomen.
21. All head injuries with GCS of 13 and below.
22. All cases of burns with Airway compromise e.g. facial and lower neck.
23. All cases of third-degree burns>25% body surface and burns on face and throat.
24. Victims of an alleged drowning.
25. All vascular injuries or impairment.
26. Triple-A and suspected intra-abdominal injury.
27. Neonates and babies<3months old with HR of 210/min and RR 60/min or evidence of respiratory compromise, wheezing, Stridor or fever>38⁰C.
28. Alleged poisoning or drug overdose with impairment of consciousness level and need urgent intervention.