What is the eligibility of the Putracare Membership Subscription?

Any individual who possesses original and valid identification documents are eligible to join this plan.

What are exclusion criteria for Putracare Membership Subscription?

01.Specialist or Subspecialty Consultation [C]
02. Vaccination/Pre-Order/Request for Medicine/Supplements/OTC/
03. Specialist Medication/Original Drugs [M]/Screening Profiles [D]
04. Procedures requiring Sedation/General Anesthesia [P]
05. Elective & Preplanned Surgery [S]
06. Chronic Disease with Target Organ Damage [SC]
07. Medical Examination & Medical Report [ME]
08. Rehabilitation [R]
09. Wellness [W]
10. Aesthetics & Cosmetics [A]

Is there a way to get discount for Putracare Membership Subscription?

Discounts for Consumer Putracare Membership Subscription are given for annual payment subscribers only.
Discounts for Corporate Putracare Membership Subscription are given based on the Number of employees and Prepayment terms.

My company has 70 workers, can I apply for Putracare Membership Subscription for my workers?

Yes, your company is eligible for the Corporate Putracare Membership Subscription. For further information, please call our Head-office Customer Service at +6018-765 1333.

Is Fomema covered under Putracare Membership Subscription?

No, because FOMEMA falls Third Party Administrators.

If I have applied for Putracare Membership, when would I be able to use my membership?

You can enjoy our Putracare Membership with Unlimited Outpatient Visit from 1st day of the upcoming month.

Can I transfer my membership plan to next of kin?

Putracare Membership is an individualized treatment plan, hence the transfer of membership is not allowed under any circumstances however you may apply new Putracare Membership Subscription for your next of kin.

Can I postpone my membership plan in case if I travel overseas or hospitalized due to chronic ailment?

Putracare Membership is a recurring monthly subscription plan, hence postponement of membership due to above conditions are strictly
not allowed.

How is the Putracare Membership Subscription plan different from the conventional insurance plan?

Putracare Membership Subscription provides outpatient care whereas Insurance plan only covers hospitalization and specific outpatient care for their corporate customers.

Can I unsubscribe from Putracare Membership Subscription anytime?

Yes, however, your advance deposit shall be consumed for the upcoming month the moment you have unsubscribed from the Putracare Membership Subscription.

Is the Putracare Membership Subscription refundable in the event I’m unsubscribing?

NO, the fees and the advance deposit shall be consumed for the current treatment month and upcoming month.

What will be the consequences if I miss my monthly payment for Putracare Membership Subscription?

Your account shall be suspended in the event of missed payments.

Can I seek treatment in other clinics and claim back the fees from Putracare Membership?

NO, any treatment covered under Putracare Membership is only provided by the Putracare Clinics.

Will my health information revealed to any third party without my consent?

We are Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) compliant company, thus health information given to us are private and confidential

Does this Putracare Membership Subscription cover my pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, the Putracare Membership Subscription covers outpatient treatment care. In the event, if there is a necessity to refer to the hospital or to be seen by a specialist as stipulated in our exclusion criteria, we will refer the patient for further care.

Does the payee have to be the one subscribing Putracare Membership?

No, the payee has to give the name/s and the identification documents of the dependent/s registering for the Putracare Membership Subscription. Once registered and the payment is made, member/s can utilize the Putracare Membership depending on the packages from the 1st day of the upcoming month. The paymaster has to make a prompt monthly payments to ensure continuity of care.

Where can I use the Putracare Membership Subscription?

You are entitled to use the Putracare Membership at all the Putracare clinics nationwide which operate 16 hours a day for 365 days.

Can I use the Putracare Membership Subscription during weekends or Public Holidays?

Yes, you may use the Putracare Membership anytime between 07.30am up to 23.30pm every day.

Can I use the Putracare Membership Subscription for hospitalization?

No, the usage of Putracare Membership is only for outpatient services.

Can I use the Putracare Membership Subscription during late night hours after 12 midnight?

Yes, however additional charges for Midnight Coverage Access may incur and you may use only in the central branch which provides 24 hour services.

Is there an advance deposit fee for the Putracare Membership Subscription?

Yes, all individuals registering for Putracare Membership Subscription for the first time subjected for a deposit fee amounting to One(1) month subscription and the type of packages.

Can I upgrade my Putracare Membership Subscription plan for immediate use?

NO, any upgrade shall only be effective from the 1st day of the next upcoming month.

Is there an advance deposit fee for the Putracare Membership Subscription?

Yes, all individuals registering for the Putracare Membership Subscription for the first time subjected for a deposit fee amounting to One(1) month subscription and the type of packages.

Is Putracare Membership Subscription tax exempted or can be used for tax deduction?

Yes, you may use Putracare Membership for tax deduction subject to Inland Revenue Board regulations.

Can a person declared as bankrupt join this membership?

Yes, any individual regardless of their financial status are eligible for Putracare Membership Subscription providing they have valid identification documents and prompt monthly payment.

Does application for Putracare Membership Subscription has preliminary CTOS and CCRIS vetting?

No, any membership application shall NOT have CTOS and CCRIS vetting or screening. However, it is the prerogative of Putracare Management to decide. Factor influencing the CTOS and CCRIS vetting shall be payment method using Direct Debit Authorization for Consumer Putracare Membership and Contractual Credit Account for Corporate Putracare Membership.

Can we book an appointment with the doctor?

Yes, however it is only applicable for Putracare Membership Subscribers.

Do you provide Over The Counter Medicines?

Yes, however, these medicines are only Non-Prescription Drugs.

What are referral criteria to the hospital if I seek treatment from Putracare Clinics?

01. Severity of Illness/Trauma/Injury requiring continuous observation and treatment[Symptoms]
02. Hemodynamically Unstable & Warning Signs Or Impending Signs Of Shock [Signs]
03. Require Interventional Diagnostic Test [D]
04. Procedure Under Sedation [P]
05. Emergency Surgery Under General Anesthesia & Require Elective Surgery [S]
06. Require Specialist/Subspecialty Consultation, Medication & Inpatient Care [SC]
07. Medicolegal Cases Or Police Jurisdiction [ME]
08. Pathological findings during consultation and examination for further assessment [ME]
09. Chronic conditions with Target Organ Damage [SC]
10. Antenatal related complications [SC]

What are the TPA/MCO/INSURANCE covered under Putracare Membership Subscription?

No TPA/MCO/INSURANCE are covered under Putracare Membership Subscription however TPA/MCO/INSURANCE as listed below are covered under Putracare Non-Membership Services.

Does Putracare Clinics sells Medical Certificate?

Any act of buying or selling Medical Certificates is strictly prohibited by law enforced in Malaysia and are bound to ethical principles of a doctor-patient relationship. Any request to purchase medical certificates shall be reported immediately to the relevant authorities.