• Healthcare professionals will consult and treat in accordance with the medical diagnosis
  • A treatment process that requires further investigation is to be solely decided by the health professionals only
  • Putracare Membership subscribers are entitled to medications up to 4 visitations per month. Any visitations exceeding that limit may need to co-pay for the treatment cost. However, we do not limit the consultation visits as you may seek our practitioner for unlimited times per month
  • Strict Identification Method by NRIC and Passport(Working Visa) and strict use of generic drugs, devices, and outsourced services only
  • Advance Deposit for Consumer Account & Contractual with credit terms and limit for Corporate Account
  • Subscription is solely for five(5) CORE THERAPEUTIC healthcare purposes & Value added services for five(5) non-core preventive and aesthetic healthcare
  • Visits within seven(7) days interval for similar conditions requires Subscriber to submit previous medication, failure of such shall render a Penalty Fee of RM10.00 and exceeding four(4) visits per month shall render the subscriber co-payment RM10.00per subsequent visit if requiring medication dispensing, strictly adhered to prevent abuse and misuse.
  • Account Churn or Default:
    Suspension → 1month without any single payment
    Withdrawn → Voluntary Discontinuation of Subscription, after which 6/12 window period/ applied in order to rejoin the membership
    Review → Subjected to Medical Board [After which, Disease Exclusion/Account Exclusion shall be determined]
    ID shall be transferred automatically to Non-member upon Suspension or Withdrawal or Review. Any re-transfer from Non-member to
    Membership shall be subjected to six [6] months window period and Internal Medical Board review prior to resubscription
  • PDPA, SOCSO & DOSH compliant
  • Cost of Outsourcing Services shall be limited by strategic alliances and/or preparing the infrastructure to support the required outsourcing services.